Refurbish Your Venue.

When refurbishing your establishment it can be very confusing and time consuming. With many years of experience in the furniture industry the key points that you should be looking for are the below, I have done a check list to help you on your journey when buying your furniture:

• The furniture must be for Contract use, Domestic furniture looks the same and is cheaper however it is not made for long durability, robust and comfort for commercial use. The wood and materials are completely different.

• You need to speak to an experienced company who know about the industry and can advise on the furniture that you are looking for that should be workable for you and your budget as it can be very confusing trying to figure out the range, the colour, the style that you are looking for and would match your establishment, a good supplier with years of experience would be able to work with you and take away any confusion.

• You would need to get in touch with the supplier at least 6-8 weeks before the delivery date to place your order to make sure the supplier has the items in stock or can get the items manufactured in time for your opening or refurbishment.

• When buying furniture it is always best if possible to visit the showroom and try sitting on the sofas or the chairs against the tables to see the comfort, the style of the furniture you are buying and making sure the supplier is experienced in Contract Furniture and is not a Domestic Furniture supplier.

• It is always best when the furniture is purchased and delivered for two people to take the furniture out of the boxes and set the furniture up as it can be heavy and time consuming.

Hope the above is helpful.
Many Thanks
Team Regent Chairs

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